Swimming instructor throws toddler into pool fully clothed in ‘swimming survival’ lesson that completely divides parents – The Sun

A FURIOUS debate is being sparked over a controversial video a woman deliberately throwing a toddler into a swimming pool as part of a survival lesson.

The woman named Shannon is already in the water when the one-year-old enters fully clothed when she drags the youngster into the pool.

The instructor stands there and watches the flailing child for around 30 seconds before finally lifting the child from the water.

She posted her video on TikTok and wrote: "Crying = breathing. We want to find our children face up in the water.

"1-year-old coat, shoes, regular diaper. What if you never heard your child cry again because you didn’t prepare them with aquatic survival swim lessons?"

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "My father done this to me fifty years ago. I have been a strong swimmer all my life."

Another agreed, saying: "This is what schools should be teaching students about life instead of coddling them. Sink or swim."

But another viewer disagreed writing: " I would have thought this sort of treatment would have put a child off getting into water for life."

Another wrote: "Teach your babies how to swim in the correct manner, without the psychological damage and trauma from using this extreme technique."

This technique is commonly used by swimming instructors in the United States, teaching toddlers survival techniques rather than specific strokes.

The instructors teach children to roll over from a face-down position in the water to a face-up back float.

Because infants and toddlers are unable to raise their heads to take a breath, knowing how to roll onto their backs could save their life.

The 'roll over breathing' technique takes many months of practice but parents are able to feel more comfortable that should their child fall into a swimming pool, they are likely to survive.


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