Terrifying moment Twiglet the Dachshund is snatched by a thief

Terrifying moment Twiglet the 16-month-old Dachshund is snatched by a heartless thief who posed as a delivery driver before breaking into family home – as police ask for help finding ‘most loved dog’

  •  WARNING UPSETTING CONTENT: Twiglet the Dachshund is still missing

Police have shared heartbreaking footage of a 16-month-old Dachshund being taken from her home in Essex during a burglary – after she bravely tried to protect the property. 

In the awful video, a man dressed in blue jeans with a high vis jumper on is seen walking into a kitchen after illegally gaining entry to the house in Saffron Walton. 

It is believed the thief posed as a delivery driver to approach the house undetected.  

While stalking out the interior, the dog, who has since been named as Twiglet, bursts into view and courageously barks at the intruder. 

Clearly perturbed by the small dog’s spirit, the cowardly thief is seen grappling with Twiglet and attempting to scoop her off the floor. 

In the distressing video the man can be seen grappling with Twiglet before abducting her

Essex Police have launched an appeal to locate Twiglet after she was abducted from her home

After a clumsy exchange, the man resorts to violently grabbing the small puppy by the neck before wrapping his mouth around Twiglet’s nose – silencing her resistance. 

The thief is then seen leaving the property carrying Twiglet with him. 

Essex Police have since launched an appeal for Twiglet’s whereabouts. 

A spokesman said: ‘Can you help us find Twiglet, who was stolen during a residential burglary in Saffron Walden yesterday (26 July). Any information, please contact us.’

The shocking abduction has horrified local people and animal lovers everywhere. 

Reacting to the appalling video on Twitter under Essex Police’s appeal, one woman said: ‘That’s just disgusting. Evil. I hope Twiglet is found quickly and reunited with the family.’

Another sobbed: ‘She sounded like a screaming child. I hope she’s found.’ 

One man alleged that the horrendous incident could have been planned due to the popularity of Twiglet’s breed. 

They said: ‘Absolute scum, this is on the increase as we all know. These opportunistic scumbags often take the small popular breeds as they’re easier to steal. 

‘Sometimes I’m happy I’ve got a couple of old grumpy aloof border collies, they’d have ripped him to shreds. Hope Twiglet gets home.’

Another agreed: ‘I’m sorry but the little Scumbag! I hope twiglet will be found. I bet that person was watching the property in a van or car somewhere close to watch and wait for the owners go to work or something and the snatch poor Twiglet from its own home, its like snatching a kid.’ 

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