These funny warning signs will leave you in stitches…from a machine with no brain to a health centre in Death Valley

THESE HILARIOUS snaps reveal warning signs that give off entirely the wrong message.

Warning signs are normally put up to give useful advice on a potential danger or need-to-know information – but sometimes they warrant a double take.

This selection of rib-tickling signage put together by Drivepedia showcases some of those warning messages that fall wide of the mark.

No birds allowed


Parents beware


End of the road


Shotgun this parking spot!


Mixed signal


Engage brain please


No lengthy PDAs here


Diving prohibited


To stop, or not to stop?


Steak a good, hard look


Wrong side of the tracks


Concealed entrance ahead


Get the point across


Careful drivers welcome


When is a door not a door?


Animal indigestion

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