Three times as many Americans say border security is worse under Biden: poll

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Three times as many Americans say they believe security at the US-Mexico border is worse under President Biden than it was under former President Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Sunday.

About 45 percent of Americans said they agreed that the situation at the southern border is worse-off than it was two years ago, the Fox News poll found.

Thirty-three percent said it was about the same, while 15 percent believe it is better.

The assessment stands in stark contrast to when the same poll in 2018 found that only 15 percent of Americans said they believe security at the border had become worse under Trump when compared to two years prior.

The latest poll surveyed around 1,000 registered voters between April 18 and April 21.

Around 38 percent said they “completely” believe that the increase of migrants attempting to illegally cross the border is due to the fact that Biden is president.

And another 39 percent said that Biden’s presidency is “mostly” or “a little” to blame, while only 15 percent agreed that it has played no role, according to the poll.

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