Tier 4 flouters confronted by police in video despite Priti Patel saying cops WON'T be knocking on doors at Christmas

POLICE are warning Brits to obey tier 4 rules after releasing a video showing officers confronting flouters despite Priti Patel saying cops WON'T be knocking on doors at Christmas.

A string of videos were released by the Met Police today showing Brits hosting parties at ordinary homes being confronted by cops for flouting the strict new regulations.

In just one clip, Met officers are seen attending a house party on Holmwood Road, in Essex that was breaching the rules while the organiser may be slapped with a £10,000 fine.

Another shows police disbanding an Unlicensed Music Event party in Barking and a third sees officers engaging with rule breakers at a pub in Tottenham.

Officers are seen arguing with flouters who swear they didn't know the rules of the highest Tier as well as kicking dozens of people out of parties.


The warning from police that they would respond to "flagrant breaches" comes despite Home Secretary Priti Patel today saying cops would not be knocking on the doors for Christmas. 

Speaking on Sky News this morning she said: "The role of the police in the public domain and this is not about going into people's houses or setting up roadblocks.

"Enforcement is the last resort but they have the tools such as fixed penalty fines, they go after egregious breaches and they'll continue to do that."

And Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation Ken Marsh yesterday insisted there was "no way" normal day-to-day households would be confronted by cops over the festive period. 

Mr Marsh said: "We won't be knocking on people's doors at all, unless there is a large group and noise, ie a party or something like that.

"But normal day-to-day households? There's no way that my colleagues will be dealing with that."

He told BBC News if people refuse to open the door to police, officers have no power to force entry to the property, calling coronavirus laws a "toothless tiger".


Commander Alex Murray of MET police today said: “Over the weekend just been, London, and the surrounding areas were moved into Tier 4 – the strictest tier in the country. 

“This is due to the increases in Covid we have seen over the past few weeks and the rapid spread of the virus amongst our communities.

“Over the weekend just been, as we have been for most of the year, Met officers were out and about responding to flagrant breaches and issuing fines to those who thought they could organise warehouse parties and put many of us at risk of the virus.

“Most Londoners want to see the enforcement we are taking against those who think the tier 4 rules don’t apply to them – I hope that this shows just a glimpse of the work we were doing.

“Our message is clear. Anyone who thinks the rules are there to be broken, ignored, or do not apply to them is very mistaken. 

“The rules are that you should stay at home. It is for your safety, the safety of your family and friends, and the safety of your communities.”

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