TikTok conspiracy theorist claims he's found 'underwater alien base' after 'seeing ET washed up on beach'

A TIKTOK conspiracy theorist has wildly claimed he’s found an “underwater alien base” after allegedly seeing a strange-looking alien-like creature washed up on the beach.

Brian Daniel told his 1.3million followers that he saw an "extraterrestrial" being dealt with by government officials.

Footage shows cops walking around what appears to be a person on a beach.

A caption reads: “I decided to investigate the origin of the alien and stumbled across what looks like an underwater base.”

The so-called “underwater base” appears to be located off the coast of Greece, according to the TikTok clip.

Conspiracy theorist Brian said: “When you take a closer look at the underwater alien base, we can see that there is a 27ft opening in the center.”

He wildly suggested it’s where UFOs apparently "hide" from civilization.

There is no evidence that there is an underwater alien base off the coast of Greece.

The conspiracy theorist also claimed that government officials have been watching him.

The TikTok user has previously claimed that he’s “tracked” down an object from space and wildly speculated that aliens may be in the ocean, claiming humans have been “looking in the wrong place”.


There is no evidence for any of these claims.

It’s not the first time that wild theories have been shared on the video platform.

A so-called time traveler predicted that giant seven-foot aliens will land on Earth in May 2022.

TikTok user @Futuretimetraveller also claims that their arrival would lead to an “interdimensional war” with the US.

The text in the video wildly claims: “Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year. The exact date they are first sighted is May 24th 2022.

“From my time, there are many different aliens and they actually live on Earth as citizens in the future.”

According to his predictions, the US will attack the aliens, starting an "interdimensional war".

And, another "time traveler" predicted the world’s biggest earthquake will hit California in three years' time.

TikTok user follow_for_follow.08 claims the event would happen two years after he bizarrely claimed the largest creature in the world will be discovered.

The UFO debate was previously restricted to the fringes of American politics but it has grown in importance after the Pentagon published a report investigating unidentified aerial phenomena.

Some lawmakers fear UAPs pose a genuine security risk to the US.

The intelligence community examined more than 140 alleged sightings but could only identify one with confidence as the findings of the UFO dossier were published.

The report said the unexplained aerial sightings could be secret aircraft from China or Russia – or a "non-government" terror group.

But, it crucially did not rule out an extraterrestrial, or perhaps even extradimensional, origin for the encounters.

And, the Pentagon allegedly has a video of UFOs moving in a strange pattern, according to former insider Lue Elizondo.

Elizondo, who led the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), described the footage as “compelling” and “perplexing”.

It’s said to show several objects moving around in patterns that humans don’t understand.

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