Toddler’s feet covered in horrific blisters after she wore them for 10 minutes – The Sun

A HORRIFIED mother claims her three-year-old daughter's feet broke out in blisters after wearing a pair of jelly shoes for just 10 minutes.

Poppy Hallett could not walk properly for two to three weeks after the tot was left with blisters all over the soles of her feet from the jelly shoes.

Her mum Vikki noticed her three-year-old "limping" around the house just 10 minutes after wearing the shoes for the first time.

Poppy now shudders when she sees a similar pair of shoes in the shops, after being scarred by her experience.

The 35-year-old was shocked to see the horrific blisters that had already formed on her daughter's feet.

She told Hull Daily Mail said: "When I put them on her it was not even hot.

"It was a cool day and she only wore them in the house.

“She only had them on for ten minutes.

"Within that time I noticed she started to limp so I took them straight off.

“When I took them off she couldn’t walk on her feet properly for about two or three weeks and she just kept sitting down, so she must have been in pain.

“Underneath her feet it looked like there were blisters. That picture was taken a week after she had them on."

When I took them off she couldn’t walk on her feet properly for about two or three weeks

Instead of taking the shoes back to the retainer, Vikki chose to throw the shoes away and vowed to not buy them again.

She has applied Sudocrem and aloe vera to Poppy's feet ever since.

Vikki, from Bransholme, Hull, added: "My mind at the time was to get her feet better. You hear all these stories and you believe it will never happen but it does.

“I just threw them away and refused to buy them anymore and told family members to not by her any jelly shoes.

"When she sees jelly shoes now she says ‘mummy they are the shoes that hurt my feet’. She can’t stand to look at them anymore."

She admitted that she should have put socks on her daughter, but argued that "parents don't need to be rubbished" about what to do with their kids.

Vikki's story comes after a two-year-old boy was left crying in agony after wearing a pair of Sainsbury's £6 jelly sandals.

Holly Marie Wright found blood seeping from her son Kaiden's shoes, after buying the footwear to keep her son's feet cool in the hot weather.

The boy would cry every time the jelly sandals were near him and refused to walk with them on.

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