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‘COMMON sense,’ said the great American anti-slavery authoress Harriet Beecher Stowe, ‘is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.’


Yet in recent years, society has pathetically cow-towed to a woke war on common sense that has left people like me tearing our hair out and thinking the world’s gone nuts.

And never has this unedifying farce been more ridiculous than with the issue of gender self-identity, and in particular, transgender athletes competing in women’s sport.

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Everyone with even half a brain has seen this for what it is – a grotesque travesty of unfairness and inequality.

It’s transparently wrong for people born with male biological bodies to go through puberty, with all the huge physical advantages this gives them over females, and then suddenly claim to be women and demand to be competing against females in sport.

Even as powerfully built 6ft 3in transgender swimmers like Lia Thomas, who competed unsuccessfully as a man in the US before identifying as a woman, and began demolishing women born female and towering over their vanquished ‘rivals’ on the medal podium, still the woke brigade screamed this was perfectly OK.

Just as they cheered when New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard qualified for the Tokyo Olympics despite being, at 43, nearly twice the age of her female rivals, and like Thomas, having been a mediocre men’s competitor.

Hubbard deprived a female of living her Olympic dream but was applauded by many so-called feminists. 

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In other sports like sprinting, rugby and cricket, there have been equally outrageous scenes as males identifying as women decimated women, and in some cases physically hurt them, purely because they were biologically bigger, stronger, and had greater lung capacity.

None of this was OK.

In fact, it’s been as damaging to a fair playing field as drug doping.

Yet anyone who dared say this, from Harry Potter creator JK Rowling to even global LGBTQ campaigners like tennis icon Martina Navratilova, was promptly hounded, abused, threatened, and made to endure sustained efforts to ‘cancel’ them.

Now, finally, common sense has prevailed.

In a stunning development yesterday, World Athletics Council chief Lord Sebastian Coe announced a total ban on all transgender women from competing in female international events.

Specifically, it prohibits anyone born male who’s gone through male puberty, from competing against women.

Lord Coe said the decision had been taken to ‘protect the future of the female category’ and by using those words he acknowledged a simple truth: biological sex is an irrefutable fact.

He also said it was guided by both scientific evidence and ‘the over-arching principle of fairness.’

And Coe, one of Britain’s all-time great athletes, explained: ‘We have been prepared to take these issues head on. In the past, they would have been allowed to drift or be kicked into the long grass. That is not the nature of my leadership, and it is certainly not the instincts of my council.”


At last, someone in authority is prepared to show some balls – pun fully intended – and do the right thing to protect women’s rights.

And how ironic that it took a man to do it, given the pathetic and cowardly way female leaders like Scotland’s recently deposed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon surrendered to the woke gender activist mob.

I’ve warned for years where this absurd concept of limitless self-identity would take us, and those virtue-signalling fact-devoid chickens predictably came home to roost.

The obvious danger was perfectly encapsulated in the scandal that prompted Sturgeon’s resignation, after she supported a male rapist named Adam Graham being sent to a women’s prison because he was now scamming the system and pretending to be a woman.

But today is the day the insidious woke gender worm turned.

And it wasn’t just because of the World Athletics announcement.

Separately, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who shamefully refuses to even define what a woman is, has suddenly declared a screeching U-turn on his party’s support for Sturgeon’s dumb deluded ‘Gender Recognition Act’ that would have given official legal licence for self-identity.

Starmer said: ‘I think that if we reflect on what’s happened in Scotland, the lesson I take from that is that if you’re going to make reforms, you have to carry the public with you.’

Well, duh!

The vast majority of the British public have never been behind any of this gender self-identity nonsense because they’ve seen right through it and realised it makes no sense.

I recently went viral on TikTok on International Women’s Day because I identified as a ‘black lesbian’ on my show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

I didn’t do this to offend anyone, least of all black lesbians.

I did it because a woman guest was trying to defend limitless self-identity, so I explained to her the logical conclusion of where that thought process leads.

It means anyone can identify as anything they want, and ignore facts, science, race, gender, even sex biology, and then demand all the rights that come with that new bogus identity.

That defies basic common sense.

So, this is a good day for women’s rights, and for fairness and equality.

But it should only be the start of the war on woke.

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As Harriet Beecher Stowe said, we need to see things as they are.

And we need more bold, courageous people in positions of power like Lord Coe to do things as they ought to be.

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