Trump says China 'thinks the US is stupid' after Dr Seuss controversy & says they're 'trying to kill us in so many ways'

DONALD Trump believes China "thinks the US is stupid" after Dr Seuss was "canceled," remarking they're "trying to kill us in so many ways."

His comments come after the decision to recall six of the children's classics amid claims they include "clear" examples of racist stereotypes.

During a Fox News interview, Trump said: “They’re going to destroy it with tax increases the likes of which nobody has ever seen before, in order to accomplish the Green New Deal nonsense.

"They’re destroying it with ‘woke.' When China looks at woke, they see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss.

"In the meantime, they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways. They laugh at us."

“Frankly, they think our country is stupid, when our competitors look at what’s going on in our country, taking down the statues to great heroes and so many other things,” Trump added.

The six books that Dr Seuss Enterprises – the company that controls the late author's legacy – said it would stop publishing are: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, If I Ran the Zoo, McElligot’s Pool, On Beyond Zebra!, Scrambled Eggs Super! and The Cat’s Quizzer.

The decision has led to much backlash, with many online commentators and prominent politicians commenting on how Dr Seuss has become the latest victim of so-called "cancel culture."

Philip Nel, a professor at Kansas State University and an expert on racism in children's literature, said they weren't being "canceled."

"[The books are] not going to disappear," Nel told the outlet. "They're not being banned. They're not being cancelled. It's just a decision to no longer sell them."

Nel pointed out that the author – who died in 1991 – made efforts to tone down racial stereotypes in his books later in life.

He called the revisions "imperfect, but well-intentioned efforts that softened but did not erase the stereotyping."

Recent claims have alleged that there were racist caricatures of black, Asian and Arab people in several Seuss works.

The renowned author's stepdaughter, Lark Grey Dimond-Cates, spoke out after the Seuss Enterprises decision, saying that he was not racist – but she did understand the company's move to stop producing the books.

"There wasn’t a racist bone in that man’s body — he was so acutely aware of the world around him and cared so much," she told the New York Post.

Ex-Trump aide Stephen Miller echoed the former president's statements and warned that other countries will "pounce" on Biden's weaknesses after the US president fell three times on the stairs of Air Force One last Friday.

Vladimir Putin taunted Biden on Friday, telling him "we'll talk soon" after the 78-year-old president slipped as he was trying to speedily climb the airstairs to the presidential aircraft.

Miller, 35, a former senior adviser to Donald Trump, told Fox News: "They are openly mocking us. They are mocking President Biden. 

"It's humiliating and that is compounded by the fact when you have a commander-in-chief who is 'not home' and not there.

"You'll have embarrassing episodes like what happened in Alaska where China dared to lecture us on human rights. 

"The president is not home. Other countries see that weakness and they are pouncing and we are all less safe."

He claimed Iran, Russia and Venezuela and China were all taking note after Biden's fall which came in the wake of him branding Putin a "killer" with no soul.

Meanwhile, Trump also recently slammed Biden for turning “the most secure border in history” into a “national disaster” that he says is causing “death and tragedy.”

The current surge of migrants trying to enter the US through the southern border with Mexico is the worst that it’s been in 20 years, the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently said.

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