Trump says critics now 'admit he was right about everything they lied about before election' including Wuhan 'lab leak'

DONALD Trump released a statement alleging that his critics are now "admitting" he was right "about everything they lied about before the election."

The statement, released on Saturday, also included a list of things Trump claims he was right about like "the virus came from a Chinese lab" and "Hunter Biden's laptop was real."

Trump also said he was right that: "hydroxychloroquine works," "the Russian bounties story was fake," "we did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time," and "blue state lockdowns didn't work," among other things.

The Wuhan lab leak theory, which was largely dismissed last year during the first Covid-19 wave in the US, has emerged as a strong possibility when it comes to how the virus developed.

It was originally widely believed that the virus developed from a wet market in Wuhan, and Trump was slammed for suggesting otherwise and referring to Covid-19 as "the China virus."

In recent weeks, many health professionals, including Dr Anthony Fauci, have acknowledged that the possibility of a "lab leak" cannot be ruled out — and have called on China to be more transparent about what they know about the virus.

Trump was also slammed last year for suggesting that hydroxychloroquine can be used as a treatment for Covid, and saying that he was taking it himself to prevent the virus.

A new study found that the drug can be beneficial to patients with severe Covid-19, and can increase a patient's survival rate by up to 200 percent.

However, those findings applied only to ventilated parents with a severe case of the virus who were treated with high doses of hydroxychloroquine with zinc.

Trump allies highlighted the study, from Saint Barnabas Medical Center, earlier this week.

"How many people died bc Dr. Fauci said [to] trust the science and Hydroxychloroquine isn't effective?" QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene write on Twitter. "Trump was right."

It was also revealed this week that the story that Trump had peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters cleared out of Lafayette Square across from the White House last June using tear gas and rubber bullets so that he could take a photo in front of a nearby church was misconstrued.

An independent investigation by the inspector general of the Interior Department found that the protesters were actually cleared so that a contractor could install a fence.

The investigation found that plans to move protesters were put in place several hours before officials knew that Trump would be visiting the area.

Trump released a statement on Friday as well, teasing something "important" that he is working on — a statement that stoked additional rumors that he may be considering running for president again in 2024.

"I turned down two book deals, from the most unlikely of publishers, in that I do not want to do such a deal right now," the statement said.

"I’m writing like crazy anyway, however, and when the time comes, you’ll see the book of all books.

"Actually, I’ve been working on a much more important project right now!" he said.

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