Two cargo ships – one British – collide in the Baltic Sea

Rescue underway after two cargo ships – one British – collide, leaving one upside down in the water off of Denmark

Two cargo ships, one of them British, have collided in the Baltic Sea, causing one of the vessels to capsize. 

The UK-registered Scot Carrier and Danish Karin Hoej crashed into one-another around 3.30am in the ocean 20 miles from the Swedish town of Ystad, near the Danish island of Bornholm.

Karin Hoej, a 180ft container vessel, is now upside down with rescuers saying at least two people are overboard with ‘screams’ heard coming from the water. 

Six lifeboats have been launched from Denmark and Sweden as part of a huge rescue effort, with three helicopters also en route.

A British merchant ship that was sailing close by at the time of the crash is also helping out with rescue efforts.  

Jonas Franzén, spokesman for the Swedish Maritime Administration which is leading rescue efforts, said it is not yet clear what caused the crash.

More to follow… 

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