Unexpected 'Naked and Afraid' production gaffe does not go unnoticed by viewers

On Naked and Afraid Sunday, we met contestants Lynsey and Darvil, who were trying to survive 21 days deep in the African wilderness. But as some viewers noticed, they were not alone. That’s because someone, who was most likely associated with the production, was spotted in the background during one shot and appeared to be carrying a rifle of some sort.

Some viewers on Twitter were quick to call out the gaffe, with one person assuming it was a security personnel, who was on-site to make sure no wild animals cause any actual harm to the cast and crew.

@NakedAndAfraid Anyone else see the clothed guy with the rifle standing on the opposite bank of the river while Darvil was trying to cross? #NakedAndAfraid

— Mandi (@mandikleonard) August 9, 2021

@NakedAndAfraid Omfg ! I just started to hate #NakedAndAfraid What's up with this ? You have to tell Security to stay out the shot. And all these people act scared to death on the show. Why when they have somebody with a rifle? #scripted#fake#StupidShowpic.twitter.com/PGGMrapEnA

— Rob Keeney (@RobKeeney1) August 9, 2021

While the gaffe is unfortunate for a show trying to build and maintain suspense, it’s fortunate people like that are present for the players, who really are living among dangerous and potentially deadly animals. Like wild baboons and hyenas for example, both of which had the players seriously scared on this week’s episode.

It may not have the same magnitude as say a coffee cup seen on Game of Thrones, or a guy wearing jeans in The Mandalorian, but it’s still a regular reminder that everyone makes mistakes, and reality TV is not all that real sometimes.

Hopefully the bonus cast member didn’t wander too far, because not long after his five seconds of fame, Darvil took an unintentional dip into a croc-infested river and could have very much used the help.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. on Discovery.

Watch what happens when Naked and Afraid contestants encounter the words most painful insect:

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