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THE US NAVY has accidentally released a cache of unredacted UFO files which show warships being buzzed by "dangerous" mystery drones.

More than 60 pages on the encounters were uploaded by the military with the file name "proposed redaction" – suggesting the unaltered documents were not meant for public release.

Names and contact details of those involved remain in the documents which appear to be boxed off in red intended to be scrubbed from the file.

And the documents reveal encounters with unknown drones flying over six warships from March to July 2019 – something which has fuelled the debate about UFOs in Washington DC.

UFOs – no more commonly known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) – have stepped from the fringe into a major national security debate.

The files shine a light on encounters which are believed to have been with unknown drones rather than truly unexplainable objects – but continue to raise questions.


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Mysterious craft are described as at times making "dangerous" approaches to US vessels and coming within just 500ft of them.

Drones appear to circle the vessels often with no communication – and some of them swoop over the ships.

And there is no mention of US warships firing upon the mysterious craft despite their proximity to them.

The documents suggest some of these drones are likely spy craft gathering data.

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And after the files were accidentally uploaded earlier this week they have since been deleted by the US Navy.

Website links that led to the documents now redirect to the service's homepage.

In one of the most striking encounters, USS Bunker Hill tracked 11 unidentified drones.

The drones – described as "quadcopter style" – ranged in attitude from 1,400ft to a staggering 21,000ft.

Maps published in the files show the drones circling the warship from around 4am to 6pm.

In the area was Hong Kong flagged bulk carrier M/V Bass Strait – who the US vessel attempted to contact but received no response.

It is suspected some of the drone incident may have been attempts to spy on US warships, such as one involved in the USS Paul Hamilton.

The destroyer was sailing to Long Beach when it spotted three drones flying overhead – once again with M/V Bass Strait lurking in the area.

USS Harpers Ferry – a landing ship – was menaced by eight unknown drones, with three of them swooping over the ship at around 500 feet.

Photos included in the documents show one of the objects in the sky, while a map shows the craft flying over the ship's path.

The drones created a "dangerous situation", according to the ship's commanding officer during the encounter from 5.10am to 6.23am.

And another event, saw six objects flying in a "consistent pattern" in an event that lasted one hour and 25 minutes over the USS Zumwalt.

USS Zumwalt is one of the most advanced destroyers in the US Navy, known for its sleek stealth design.

Sailors observed flashing red and green lights close to the ship, and at one point the one of the drones hurtled over the flight.

Pictures are also included of green triangular shapes spotted flying over the USS Russell.

The destroyer spotted "green, white and red" lights n the sky – with three drones spotted.

USS Russell changed course to pursue the drones – but eventually lost sight of the object.

And an unknown vessel described as a "pleasure craft" was identified nearby, but did not respond the attempts for communication.

US lawmakers last month grilled intelligence chiefs about the encounters as they confessed over the last year they have probed 400 sightings and 11 near misses.

It was the first hearing of its kind in 20 years.

The intelligence bosses attempted to explain how difficult it is to track these objects, and showed congressmen two videos.

And while they did not mention aliens, they did admit there are some of the 400 encounters they have on their books which are truly unexplained.

Photos of the green triangles were shown – and they were said to be of unknown drones tracked by the US Navy.

It came off the back of a landmark Pentagon report in 2021 following the leaking of three videos showing US Navy encounters with unexplained objects.

UFOs are now being discussed by former intelligence officials, former servicemen, lawmakers, NASA, and even former president Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

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NASA have even revealed their own plan to study UFOs – but remained clear they were not explicitly connecting it to aliens.

While it's unclear what the phenomena actually is, it appears there is something in the skies which cannot be explained.

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