Weather UK Christmas forecast: Met Office SEVERE snow warning as brutal blizzards, wind & -2C chill to hit on Boxing Day

BRITS have been told to brace for a icy -1C freeze as temperatures drop just days before Christmas – as weather warnings for snow are part in place.

The weather will become more chilly on Boxing Day, with a -2C Arctic chill expected as weather warnings for wind and snow set in place by the Met Office.

One forecaster says that if a particular weather system shapes up in the days to come, some areas could record a whopping 10 inches of snow on the big day, starting from early morning in many places.

Meanwhile, forecasters have predicted the exact date Brits will see snow this month – with with blizzards and biting winds blasting in some parts of the country.b Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook has said it may well be a very white Christmas after all, and it'll be an "all-time classic" for snow fans.

The charts show temperatures as low as -6C in parts of Scotland, while snow would fall across much of the country – including in the south.

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Met Office Outlook for Boxing Day to Tuesday

    Often cloudy, with rain at times for many areas, though some sunny spells also likely.

    Sleet and hill snow in the north for a time on Sunday.

    Becoming mild everywhere.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Christmas Day weather summary from the Met Office

    Occasional rain, some heavy, across southern areas of England and Wales; mild.

    Dull, damp chilly, windy zone Northern Ireland towards East Anglia.

    Bright and cold further north, wintry showers Shetland.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Weather will be a ‘battle’ for Brits

    Director of Weathertrending, Sarah Thornton, told The Sun the UK will find itself in a “battleground” between freezing air coming from the Arctic and Scandinavia, and much milder air trying to head in from the Atlantic.

    “Most models now suggest that the cold air will be winning and spreading lower temperatures southwards as we head through Christmas Day.

    “However another assault of mild air will arrive from the southwest through the day, bringing rain. At the boundary between the two, there’s an increasing chance of snow.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Four ways you’re breaking the law driving in snow

    With snow expected for Christmas, these tips will help you avoid a penalty as in some cases you could be met with a fine worth up to £1,000.

    1. Defrosting your car – the lazy way
    2. Driving with snow still on the roof
    3. Not cleaning every window or your lights
    4. Not de-icing your license plate

    Read the article in full here.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Santa's next stop is Japan, says Met Office

    The Met Office has posted an update on it's very own Santa tracker.

    The agency tweeted: "Santa's next stop is in the northern hemisphere, Japan

    "He'll need his waterproof cover on the sleigh here as, just like the UK, they're expecting rain and possibly some snow for Christmas."

  • Louis Allwood

    Four ways you’re breaking the law driving in snow

    With snow expected for Christmas, these tips will help you avoid a penalty as in some cases you could be met with a fine worth up to £1,000.

    1. Defrosting your car – the lazy way
    2. Driving with snow still on the roof
    3. Not cleaning every window or your lights
    4. Not de-icing your license plate

    Read the article in full here.

  • Louis Allwood

    Avoid these when driving in the snow and ice

    1. If you come across black ice, many drivers will hit the brakes and steer into a skid as they start to lose control – but that can be a dangerous move for in-experienced drivers. Instead, slowly take your foot off the accelerator and straighten up as your vehicle rides it out.
    2. Accelerating and braking too quickly is a recipe for disaster in icy conditions. Be sure to take it slow when turning and avoid any overtaking.
    3. It might seem urgent at the time, but it’s important not to take unnecessary journeys when it’s icy.
    4. If you do need to go somewhere, don’t take an unfamiliar route as road signs are likely to be covered in snow and phone reception could be limited.
    5. Some drivers rely on pouring boiling water over a frozen windscreen to remove ice, but it’s more than likely to crack the glass. Investing in a decent ice scrapper or de-ice spray can work just as well and will protect your windscreen.
    6. Don’t take any shortcuts and stay off rural roads as these might not have been cleared, and are often challenging even in warm weather. Stick to main roads as much as possible.
    7. Finally, don’t forget to top up your oil, fuel and screen-wash before every winter trip.
  • Louis Allwood

    Odds slashed on coldest January

    Leading bookmaker Coral has cut the odds on this January being the coldest since records began to just 2-1 (from 5-1) as forecasters warn of an end to the mild winter temperatures.

    “We have enjoyed some very mild temperatures through December but the outlook for January looks a lot colder and we have slashed the odds on next month being the coldest first month of the year we have ever had,” said Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead.

    Coral make Edinburgh the favourite for snow on Christmas Day, at odds of 3-1, with Newcastle the most likely of the English cities at 7-2 according to the odds.

    Harry also said: “We are offering odds on all major UK cities for any punters dreaming of a White Christmas, with Edinburgh the most likely according to our odds”.

  • Louis Allwood

    Can I still have the Covid booster if I have a cold?

    The short answer is yes.

    If you are certain it is not Covid you are suffering with and you are well enough to leave home, you can get your third shot with confidence.

    It might make you feel a bit rougher than if you weren’t ill, but overall it’s perfectly safe – and you can emerge from your sickly funk safe in the knowledge you are protected against coronavirus.

    A cold shouldn’t have an effect on your body’s ability to build an immune response to the flu, even though it is fighting an illness.

    NHS guidance says you should still attend your appointment even if you have a mild illness, including a common cold.

  • Louis Allwood

    When will Winter be over?

    When people are looking for the Winter season to be officially over, they can look forward to the Spring Equinox, which will mark the start of the Spring season.

    The Summer Solstice will then signify that the Spring time has come to an end and hot and sunny Summer weather will be present until the next seasonal change.

    Remembering the seasonal equinoxes and solstices are the key to knowing which time of year you are in.

    Although a lot of territories experience differing weather conditions prior to the solstices and equinoxes, the dates are significant to know the official starts of the four seasons.

  • Louis Allwood

    28th December to 6th January outlook

    This period remains somewhat uncertain in detail, but generally sees a split between colder air to the north and milder air to the south.

    Looking to remain unsettled with further spells of rain for most at first. To the south, mild, unsettled weather, with rain and occasional strong winds.

    To the north, more settled conditions with brighter spells and winds slowly easing to lead to perhaps some frost or ice.

    Becoming very mild across all areas in time. Along the boundary, potential for significant weather with snow likely at times, in addition to the associated wintry hazards.

    It will be colder than average heading into January with any unsettled, milder spells most likely for the west and south.

  • Louis Allwood

    New Zealand will not be as warm as Santa may have hoped

    Auckland, New Zealand currently have temperatures of 18 degrees.

  • Louis Allwood

    Warning for 4ins TODAY ahead of White Christmas

    The UK is on snow alert on December 24, with four inches expected to fall today and more to blanket Britain on the big day itself.

    After a frosty start on Christmas Eve, rain and hill snow will fall over Scotland before slowly moving south into northern England.

    Thick fog will also cover much of the UK, while temperatures hover around 7C.

    At least three inches of snow is expected to fall by lunchtime across areas in Central, Tayside & Fife, the Highlands, Strathclyde and Aberdeenshire, rising to four inches later in the day.

  • Louis Allwood

    Weather forecast for London this evening and tonight

    Rain and drizzle spreading northeastwards to all parts through the evening.

    Becoming mainly dry after midnight though low cloud becoming extensive with some mist and fog patches developing.

    Minimum temperature 3 °C.

  • Louis Allwood

    Met Office will be tracking Santa!

    Santa is currently taking off from the North Pole where it is very chilly and snowy.

  • Louis Allwood

    Christmas Day forecast

    Cold and windy. Scotland and much of northern England bright.

    Cloudier further south with early heavy rain in the southwest spreading into Northern Ireland, Wales and southern and central England.

  • Louis Allwood

    Tonight's weather forecast

    Evening rain over Wales and southern and central England easing later.

    Heavy rain into the southwest later in the night.

    Clearer and frosty in the north. Turning windier.

  • Louis Allwood

    Christmas Eve forecast for the UK

    Early rain and hill snow over Scotland sinking southwards into northern England, brighter but colder and windy conditions following.

    Early fog patches further south with early rain in the southwest spreading into Wales and southern and central England later.

  • Milica Cosic

    Yellow weather warning issued until Xmas Eve

    The Met Office has announced that it will snow across many northern parts of Scotland, from yesterday 15:00 until 11:00 on Christmas Eve.

    Snow may cause some travel disruption, so please be careful when you drive & take necessary precautions.

  • Milica Cosic

    Today's weather forecast

    It will be a damp and overcast day for most tomorrow with light rain over much of the UK.

    Tomorrow morning will be misty to the south and there will be drizzle for many, with snow in Scotland.

    A band of rain will push across England and Wales tomorrow afternoon, becoming heavy at times. Gentle winds

  • Milica Cosic

    UK weather outlook for the weekend

    Saturday will stay cloudy for many, with rain for most, especially in England and Northern Ireland.

    A band of rain will move in on Saturday night, becoming heavy at times. Moderate winds.

    Cloudy and wet on Sunday with rain, but snow for Scotland, moving away by the evening. Cloudy with gentle winds

  • Milica Cosic

    The checklist: A safe drive home for Xmas are providing motorists with their Christmas road trip checklist for those looking to pack up their cars and hit the roads this winter.

    A few simple checks will help significantly to help drivers relax and enjoy the Christmas songs on their journey.

    • Presents – Most importantly of all, drivers should ensure they have all of their presents and cards on board before setting off on their festive journey!
    • Emergency kit – On dark wintery nights, driving conditions can change drastically and leave drivers in a situation they were not prepared for
    • Lights – As the days get shorter, ensuring all vehicle lights are functioning properly is not only essential but also a legal requirement. 
    • Tyres – Snow, sleet, rain and frost can all have a huge impact on the terrain, meaning tyre upkeep is more important than ever in the winter months.
    • Windscreen – Winter weather can be unpredictable and having full visibility can prevent any potential dangers on the road.
    • Antifreeze – It is crucial when topping up your antifreeze that the engine has fully cooled down, as the release of pressurised water can cause serious injury

    Met Office confirms exact date ‘two inches’ of snow will fall

    THE Met Office has confirmed the exact date that two inches of snow will fall this festive season.

    They say that up to two inches of snow could fall in some parts of the UK by Christmas Day – December 25.

    Colder air starts to push south from Christmas Eve, bringing along with it some winds and a beautiful blanket of snow in the north.

    Temperatures are set to plummet over the festive period as Storm Corrie sweeps in, with the south of the country also expected to see some hill snow.

    Why won't my car start in the cold?

    Not unlike humans needing layers of clothes to brave low temperatures, cars also need a little preparation to get going.

    When cars won't start, it's often because their engine oil has thickened in the cold, which increases friction and makes it harder for the starter motor to spin the engine.

    Cold, damp weather can sometimes play havoc on batteries as vehicle electrical systems have to work a lot harder.

    The RAC says the majority of their winter call-outs are to do with car batteries.

    Christmas period will be a fairly unsettled

    Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Chris Bulmer, told The Mirror: “The Christmas period will be a fairly unsettled spell across the UK this year.

    "Many will see wet and cloudy conditions as mild air dominates over the south and west of the UK.

    "Where this mild air meets colder air trying to sink south there is a chance of some Christmas snow, this looking most likely over the Pennines, however exactly where this boundary will be is still uncertain.

    "In the far north cold conditions and clearer skies will bring a more wintry feel. For many areas, a brisk easterly wind will bring a notable wind chill”

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