What is the Deltacron Covid variant?

A new Covid-19 variant was discovered in Cyprus on Saturday, January 9, 2022.

Researchers believe it is a combination of multiple variants and mutations of the coronavirus.

What is the Deltacron Covid variant?

Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, has discovered a new strain of the virus in Cyprus, a small island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

10 of the mutations from Omicron have been found in the new variant.

He calls the strain 'Deltacron,' "due to the identification of omicron-like genetic signatures within the delta genomes," per Bloomberg.

Kostrikis and his team have found a total of 25 cases of the virus thus-far and are still searching for clues of the variant's possible impacts to the body.

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What are governments saying about the new variant?

On January 8, Cyprus's Health Minister Michalis Hadjipandelas stated that the new variant was not yet something to worry about.

He also expressed pride in the country's scientists for discovering the new variant, according to The Jerusalem Post.

How many cases of Deltacron are there in America?

There have yet to be any cases of the Deltacron variant reported in the United States.

The new variant comes along as Omicron continues to spread globally.

"The U.S. is reporting a seven-day average of more than 600,000 new cases daily, according to a CNBC analysis Friday of data from Johns Hopkins University. That’s a 72% increase from the previous week and a pandemic record," reported CNBC.

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