Who is Derek Chauvin's defense attorney Eric Nelson?

ERIC Nelson is representing former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in a murder trial over the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd.

Chauvin's trial is thought to be one of the highest-profile prosecutions of a police officer in decades.

Who is Derek Chauvin's defense attorney Eric Nelson?

Eric Nelson, 46, is a founding partner at Halberg Defense, one of the largest criminal defense firms in the region, according to law partner Marsh Halberg.

Nelson attended Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis before heading to Eastern University in Pennsylvania, where he majored in history.

He earned his Juris Doctor from from Hamline University School of Law before he began exclusively practicing criminal defense law.

According to his colleagues, Nelson has approached his cases with nerves of steel and is recognized as one of "the best defense attorneys."

Nelson is one one of only 12 attorneys in a rotation the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association uses to represent its members writes Fox.

Nelson will not grant interviews over the duration of Chauvin's trial in order to remain undistracted.

"He is paced and professional and courteous and does not rattle. So he is a perfect fit for a case of this level of pressure," Halberg told Fox News.

What has Derek Chauvin been charged with?

Chauvin was charged with second-degree manslaughter, unintentional second-degree murder, and third-degree murder.

Investigators have found that the police officer's actions were a “substantial causal factor” in Floyd's death.

“Officer Chauvin’s restraint of Mr. Floyd in this manner for a prolonged period was a substantial causal factor in Mr. Floyd losing consciousness, constituting substantial bodily harm, and Mr. Floyd’s death as well," states the criminal complaint.

Second-degree murder is when a person commits a felony crime, and as a result, causes death – without intent.

Third-degree murder is defined by "by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind," without regard for life and without intent to kill.

It happens when a person carries out a dangerous action, which they knew had the potential to kill, but disregards the risk.

Footage of Floyd's death was shown at Chauvin's trial that began in Minneapolis on March 29, 2021.

What have the other officers been charged with?

Three other officers – Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao – have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd's death.

An aiding and abetting charge accuses someone of helping another person in the commission of a crime.

Lane, Kueng and Thao, like Chauvin, face 40 years behind bars.

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