Woman kicked off plane after she ‘refused to watch safety video’

A woman was kicked off a plane after she refused to watch an inflight safety video, it is claimed.

The Air New Zealand flight passenger was allegedly removed from the aircraft by police officers because she failed to follow crew instructions.

Another person on the plane told local media that the woman was taken off the aircraft, at Wellington Airport, New Zealand, for refusing to watch the safety video.

The passenger said that she thought the airline was to blame for the episode.

They suggested Air New Zealand should make a short safety film that is compulsory to watch – and should tell passengers they will be kicked off the plane if they do not view it.

A police spokesman told Newshub that officers escorted the woman off the plane on Tuesday morning because she would not listen to crew members.

The spokesman reportedly added that the passenger will receive a Civil Aviation Authority infringement notice relating to the use of a mobile phone.

The Air New Zealand NZ424 flight was forced to return to the gate in order for the woman to be taken off the plan, reports claim.

The airline was in the headlines again last year after it made a 'cringe worthy' safety video, featuring Kiwi artists rapping about how to prepare for a crash.

New Zealand First MP Shane Jones blasted the film as embarrassing and said it trivialised safety.

It was withdrawn less than six months after it was introduced.

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