Woman raped repeatedly by Jimmy Savile when she was 15 speaks out

‘I was absolutely frightened, it was all so scary and I froze’: Woman who was raped repeatedly by Jimmy Savile when she was 15 speaks out as she describes how vile monster groomed and attacked during 1970s then bought her silence with menacing threats

  • Victim is one of five women in ITV’s Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile
  • The award-winning film prompted hundreds of other victims to come forward
  • Woman, a retired carer in her 60s, revealed Savile raped her on BBC premises
  • Savile gifted her a copy of his autobiography in which he had penned ‘no escape’

A woman who was repeatedly raped by Jimmy Savile when she was 15 has described how the prolific paedophile groomed and attacked her during the 1970s – before silencing her with menacing threats.

The victim, who has not been named to protect her identity, is one of the five women featured in the ITV documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile ten years ago. 

The award-winning film presented by ex-detective Mark Williams-Thomas, broadcast just over a decade ago on 3 October 2012 – a year after Savile’s death – prompted hundreds of other unheard victims to come forward with their experiences. 

It led to hundreds of other victims coming forward with evidence of their own horrific abuse, with other celebrities including Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and Gary Glitter subsequently being jailed, as well as number of official reports that revealed safeguarding failures at the BBC, NHS and Crown Prosecution Service.

The victim, a retired carer in her 60s, told the Mirror: ‘Our documentary has made a huge difference to so many lives. I knew I had to get it out there, it was vital that people knew the truth about him.

‘Without Mark we wouldn’t be where we are now. He had a difficult time getting the documentary to air, but he fought and achieved it. He did not give up on it, nor us five victims.’

The victim, whose identity will remain anonymous, was only 15 when she was first raped by Savile

ITV documentary The Other Side of Jimmy Savile was presented by former detective Mark Williams-Thomas

The Other Side of Jimmy Savile revealed how one of Britain’s most loved entertainers systematically and disturbingly preyed upon young and vulnerable girls

From police detective to TV journalist: The career of Mark Williams-Thomas

  •  In 1989, Williams-Thomas joined Surrey Police – becoming a specialist in major crime and child abuse. He was a family liaison officer and left the force in 2000
  • From 2003, he began script advising for various television crime dramas which included BBC series Waking The Dead (2007-2011), BBC series Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2007), Channel 5 series Murder Prevention (2004), ITV series Identity and BBC series The Silence. 
  • In 2005, Williams-Thomas set up WT Associates, an independent child protection consultancy firm.
  •  In 2011 he created and presented a new series on ITV called On the Run. The premise of the series was to track down and confront offenders on the run from the police. The series ran over three seasons.
  • On 3 October 2012, Williams-Thomas presented the documentary The Other Side of Jimmy Savile on ITV, in which five women stated that they had been sexually abused by Savile as teenagers. The exposure of Savile as a paedophile led to extensive media coverage, including 41 days on the front pages. 
  • In 2014, he covered the verdict of Oscar Pistorius and was the only British journalist to meet with Pistorius during his trial, writing an exclusive report for the Daily Mirror.
  • Williams-Thomas was the reporter for ITV’s crime series The Investigator: A British Crime Story, produced by Simon Cowell’s Syco in 2016. 
  • 2022: He is a regular reporter on This Morning, Channel 4 News, as well as the ITV series Exposure. 

She was initially excited at the prospect of meeting at the offices of Radio Luxembourg in west London, having watched him regularly present Top of the Pops.

But within weeks of meeting him for the first time, Saville invited her to a London hotel and raped her. 

The woman said: ‘He was very ­flamboyant and said he thought I was OK, that’s how the grooming process all started.

‘He invited me to different places where there were lots of other people around so it felt safe and exciting.’

She added: ‘He was much older than me and I didn’t know what was happening. I was shocked. Kids in those days didn’t talk about sex, I had no idea about anything like that. I was absolutely frightened, it was all so scary and I froze.

‘Afterwards he treated me as though I didn’t even exist, as though nothing had happened. I was told to go, it was as brutal as that.’

The victim said she felt trapped for year and, in 1974, Savile gifted her a copy of his autobiography in which he had penned ‘no escape’ and signed it ‘your keeper’.

She described Savile as a ‘very good manipulator’ who had ‘this really, really dark side to him’, adding that he would use threats of violence to keep her and other victims quiet. 

The woman said: ‘I know he was connected to the criminal underworld and it was made clear that whatever he did you just did not say anything, you kept your mouth shut.

‘I was told at the time he knew the Krays. He menaced us with the ­presence of minders from the ­underworld. So it wasn’t just abuse that we suffered, but fear for our lives.

‘I had to watch him grooming other victims, agonisingly helpless as he gave me the gloating ‘look’ that told me what lay in store for them later. He was very menacing and you knew that if you wanted to be safe, you kept your mouth shut.

‘It was his whole demeanour, you knew if you messed with him that something might happen to you. It wasn’t said explicitly, you just knew it. It was frightening.’

She broke free in the 1970s, but admits that she is ‘still suffering quite badly’ and has required counselling.

The woman did not reveal the heinous crimes until Mr Williams Thomas came to see her following Savile’s death in 2011.

She also revealed how Savile had raped her on BBC premises and is angry that the BBC will shortly broadcast The Reckoning, a drama featuring Steve Coogan.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: ‘The drama will examine the impact Savile’s appalling crimes had on victims, the powerlessness many felt when they tried to raise the alarm, and how he used his celebrity to hide in plain sight.

‘We’re working closely with many people whose lives were impacted by him to ensure their stories are told with sensitivity and respect.”

 The Savile survivor has also revealed how the prolific paedophile had raped her on BBC premises

The woman broke free in the 1970s, but admits that she is ‘still suffering quite badly’ and has required counselling

The BBC has been contacted for comment on the victim’s allegations.

It comes as the investigator who revealed Savile’s prolific paedophilia has said that he is working – and has been for some time – on exposing one other well-known living child sex offender.

‘There are still people out there who are untouchable,’ the former Surrey Police and family liaison officer told the I.

‘There is one very significant person who I’ve done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender.

‘To date the CPS won’t prosecute. The police and I have tried really hard to get there. He will die in due course and then the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile. That’s not right. But justice takes many different forms.’

He added: ‘The truth is no broadcaster would have done a programme about Savile when he was alive. We live in a society where there are some people you can’t take on and that’s really sad.’

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