Woman reveals creepy CRAWL SPACE above stairwell in rented home – leaving TikTok users horrified

A WOMAN left TikTok users horrified after revealing creepy crawl spaces she found in her rental home.

Jaclyn Williams has been sharing the bone chilling discoveries she has made in her new rental home with her TikTok audience.

Williams moved into the rental home with her husband, Jay, and son two months ago.

They moved in without ever seeing the house before because they were traveling from across the country.

Williams had suspicions about the house which quickly came true after discovering eerie passageways throughout the house.

In one TikTok video, Williams opens a window near her staircase to reveal an empty room hiding behind it.

The room has leaves littered on the floor as well as some other unknown objects.

There is also a door on the other side of the room which Williams claims she is not "ready" to explore yet.

The video has gone viral with 2.2 million views and 422,100 likes so far.

Williams captioned her post "Why is there so many?" referring to the unusal amount of crawl spaces to discover.

TikTok users dubbed the creepy hiding spots "perfect for serial killers".

One commenter expressed "Hell no I don’t feel comfortable staying there and I don’t even know you."

Others were more encouraging such as one who wrote, "That is definitely odd with all the crawl space! It’s fun to explore but just be careful."

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