Woman uses £2 weather sealer she got from the hardware store instead of splurging on hair curlers in money-saving hack

A WOMAN used £2 weather sealer she bought from the hardware store instead of splurging on hair curlers in money-saving hack.

User @katenastyy shared the tip with her followers on TikTok.

She shared a clip of her hair wrapped around the weather sealer – which is used for window air conditioners – as it went across her head, with scrunchies at the end to hold her hair in place.

"when ur too cheap to spend $38 (£27) on that curling ribbon thing," she wrote as she shared a clip of herself.

She said she spent $2.88 (£2.10) on the "conditioner weatherseal" – which is used to insulate around weather air conditioner units.

She revealed the result in another clip.

"I know it says heatless curls and you're supposed to sleep on it but I'm impatient so blow-dried it," she said.

After hitting her hair with a blow-drier, she undid the ponytails at the end.

Although she said her hair was still a little damp, she said it worked.

She revealed her hair in flowing waves – for just a fraction of the cost of the rollers.

In a separate video, @katenastyy shared a tutorial showing how she wrapped her hair around the sealer.

She wrapped it in small sections around the foam, securing it in place as she went.

After letting her hair dry overnight, she showed revealed her hair dried in smooth curls.

Users were blown away by the result.

"Girl you best believe I'm going to Home Depot tonight," one user wrote in the comments. "It looks so good."

Another person commented in her first video reveal: "I love it though, looks like loose beachy curls!"

"I'm about to go to bed with air conditioner foam next to my boyfriend now lol," one person wrote.

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