Woman wakes up to find blood dripping on her from ceiling

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A Texas woman says she was “in shock” after waking up to the horror of blood seeping through the ceiling of her bedroom and dripping on her face.

Ana Cardenas, of El Paso, said she turned on the lights when she heard the sound of something dripping in her bedroom around 4 a.m. — and discovered there was blood splattered everywhere like a crime scene, news station KTSM reported.

“It grossed me out. I was in shock, I thought, ‘This isn’t real, this is a dream, wake up,’” Cardenas told the outlet Wednesday.

It had seeped through from the apartment above onto the ceiling fan, which had caused the blood to be flung across the walls, her bed and body.

“I called maintenance and they said, ‘Are you sure?’ and I said, ‘Blood is falling on me,’” she told the outlet.

Emergency crews responded to the upstairs neighbor’s home, where they discovered the man had died of natural causes and had been decomposing for five or six days.

“The firefighters knocked down his door and the body was laying exactly where my fan is underneath. He had carpet but the blood seeped through to my ceiling,” Cardenas said.

Cardenas said she went to stay in a hotel for a few nights, but the episode has left her traumatized and she’s looking for a new apartment.

“It was awful, an awful impact,” Cardenas told the outlet.

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