Wuhan mocks UK’s Covid hell, vows to hold more wild parties and tells Brits ‘get used to it’

CITIZENS of Wuhan have vowed to hold more parties and tells Britain to ‘get used to it’ as they mock the UK for Covid chaos. 

Big gatherings like the New Year celebrations, sports, events, live concerts and more will be staged in Wuhan which was the hardest hit region in China during 2020.

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Large crowds were seen bringing in the new year in Wuhan as residents took to the streets, launching balloons and celebrating the arrival of 2021.

In stark contrast, venues such as the London Eye and New York’s Times Square were empty as no live audiences were allowed due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson recently took to Twitter to ask: "How has Wuhan achieved this without a vaccine?" while posting the news about Wuhan residents' celebrations of the New Year.

Her questions was met by Twitter users listing Wuhan's effective epidemic prevention and control measures taken so far and blaming the British government for failing todo the same.

One user posted, "They have a functioning Test, Trace and Isolate system and they wear masks. They stayed home when they were told to and they acted swiftly. We have an incompetent government whose main aim of dealing with the virus is to make their friends rich." 

Users also criticised Pearsons  for writing false epidemic prevention stories and her refusal to wear a mask.

"So what did they do in China? Lockdowns, school closures, travel bans, mass testing, contact tracing, and masks. The sort of thing you opposed every step of the way this year (2020). Thanks a lot."

Many Wuhan residents spoke to the Global Times about how their lives had actually returned to normal months ago when lockdown was lifted initially. 

A massive swimming pool party attended by thousands of people in Wuhan in August 2020 shocked the internet after it who could not believe that Wuhan could recover so soon after being ravaged by the virus for months. 

Yang Zhanqiu, deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, told the Global Times on Sunday: ‘’Wuhan was declared free of COVID-19 as the last domestic patient left hospital in April. Although winter has set in, Wuhan is still safe.’’

Yang also commented: ‘’As a journalist, Pearson should better relate China's experience in controlling the epidemic to her countrymen and government to help the UK control the spread of the virus, instead of being jealous and hostile about Wuhan's celebration.’’

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