WWII veteran aged 101 dies after woman crashed into car he was in

World War Two veteran aged 101 dies of broken neck after Las Vegas woman being chased by cops crashed into his wife’s car at 80mph

  • The 101-year-old WWII vet passed away Thursday about a month after a car crash that was the result of a high-speed chase with the cops 
  • A car driving 80 miles per hour slammed into the vet and his wife’s car while it was parked at an intersection in Henderson, Las Vegas 
  • The two women, both of whom have previously served time, are facing charges related to robbery and the now-fatal accident

A 101-year-old World War II veteran died Thursday after being injured in a high-speed car crash that ended in a shootout.

Dr. Herbert Muskin was sitting in a stopped vehicle in Henderson, Las Vegas on March 1, when a suspect vehicle traveling at more than 80 miles per hour, crashed into Muskin’s car.

The impact sent the victim’s car, which contained Muskin and his wife, Sherry, 89, into a pole on the opposite side of the intersection.

Muskin suffered a fractured neck vertebra in the crash, while his wife experienced bruising.

After nearly a month under the care of doctors, Muskin passed away at an area hospital on March 30. Additional details on the cause and manner of his death were not given Thursday, but will be released at a later date.

Herbert Muskin in the hospital after the crash, prior to his passing on Thursday with his wife Sherry

Sherry Muskin said she escaped the crash with just bruising a few scrapes, but had been hoping for a full recovery for her husband

Several weeks ago, it seemed as though Muskin was making progress in his recovery after he regained the ability to communicate more than a week after the crash.

His wife, at the time, said she was ‘hoping for a full recovery.’ 

Lorraine Alvarado, 32, and Kassandra Alvarez, 29, face charged connected to robbery and the now-fatal crash.

Investigators say the pair had just robbed a sporting goods store and fled from the police.

Alvarez was behind the wheel of a stolen getaway car that crashed into the Muskin’s vehicle.

Alvarado attempted to flee from the vehicle with a gun in her right hand before turning the weapon on an officer, who fired his gun at her.

After falling to the ground, police said Alvarado rolled into a sitting position and continued aiming her weapon at officers.

Officers fired again and the suspect eventually dropped her weapon. 

In a briefing about the crash, Assistant Clark County Sheriff Jim Seabock said that the ‘picture is a suspect that has no regard for consequences of her actions.’

In the aftermath of the arrests, Sherry said: ‘I’m glad they caught the one that had the gun. I don’t think she will ever get out so I’m happy about that.’ 

Muskin suffered from a broken neck vertebra, which left him unresponsive for nine days after the crash

Suspect Lorraine Alvarado who attempted to shoot at police multiple times after the  crash

Suspect Kassandra Alvarez in court, she has stood alone during her past few appearances as Alvarado continues to recover from gunshot wounds sustained in the altercation

Herbert Muskin, a WWII veteran, in uniform

Damage to the Muskin’s vehicle after the runaway car of the robbers slammed into them going 80 miles per hour

The Muskins prior to the accident

Both women have previously served time behind bars.

A preliminary hearing is set for next month, though prosecutors may opt instead to take the cash to a Grand Jury. 

Sherry Muskin previously launched a GoFundMe to help with some of her husband’s medical expenses and the aftermath of the accident, which has left them without a car.

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